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This site has been created to celebrate the allure of guys aged thirty-five and upwards. We find the wisdom and experience of an older man, whether that be a distinguished politician or simply a capable and loving father, just as attractive as his youthful counterpart. Here at MBFD we give British businessmen, taxi drivers even the odd cockney greengrocer the chance to try some modelling and adult work where the spotlight is on them for a change.
Our aim is simply to capture the sexiness of the bloke next door; that could be your postman, your former school teacher or literally your best friend's father you've had a crush on for years and serve him up to you in beautiful photographs and films.

Sexual Portraiture

One reader recently described our films rather nicely as ‘less like porn – more a kind of sexual portraiture’. We think it’s vital to understand the context in which our models are performing. Through our in-depth interviews we strive to create a more rounded-out, fuller picture of the guys than you might usually find in solo videos.

Here at MBFD our dads are the real thing: straight amateur British men and this is usually their first appearance on the web. Most of the guys don't want to be professional adult actors; many just want to earn a little extra cash or seek some light relief from their hen-pecked lives and show off their assets before it's too late.

Image Quality

Our original aim was just to create beautiful photographs – and we still believe in the power of professionally lit portraiture. But after viewers’ requests we have been steadily adding movies to our portfolio since 2010. 

Our 1080p HD films comprise interviews and sexually explicit scenes in streaming format; while the industry leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensures you receive it nearest to your location to maximise your connection speed. All our hi-resolution photographs are shot in raw format; carefully selected, edited, and colour graded for you to download.

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