Alastair Fox

This handsome London born chap with a look of a younger Max Mosley is Alastair Fox. It's not just the super bone structure and thick dark blond hair that keep him looking years younger than his actual age of fifty-five; it's also due to the active life he leads tearing about on his motorbikes – his great passion.

It was actually while he was working as a motorbike courier to make some extra cash that we met Alastair. He was delivering a package to our studio and was immediately curious about the lights and cameras and keen to know what we were up to. It turned out bizarrely, that Fox had himself quite recently paid for his own photo session with some humdrum high street photographer as he fancied himself as a mature model. He pulled out a few examples he was carrying in his wallet and frankly we didn't recognise the man in the photos; the photographer had styled him badly and digitally smoothed his skin so that this sexy biker bloke looked more like a sitcom dad.

With his strong brow and amazing profile there was no denying that Alastair had a great face and we told him so. Dressed up in his motorbike leathers he looked as if he had just walked out of a British cop drama. He was perfect as he was and didn't need any styling at all as far as we were concerned. We cautiously explained to him the main focus of our work which we thought might freak this geezer out. What we didn't expect however was for this perfect stranger to drop his leather trousers there and then to see if he measured up. This was a guy who seriously wanted some attention.

To say that Alastair had been sent to our studio to deliver an important package is an understatement when you see what this mature stud flopped out of his jeans – it's what one might describe as the perfect dad package. He opened up about his past and shared some more photographs with us. We learned that Mr Fox had been in a rather stale marriage for a long time and it was obvious he was thrilled to find an appreciative audience for a change. A shoot date was swiftly arranged – just come as you are we begged him – and Alastair recreated his role of motorbike courier to a tee!

Not long after his shoot Alastair left his wife and got a quickie divorce. He contacted us six months later to say that he had found his 'soulmate' somewhere close to Liverpool and amongst other things was getting loads of sex. We'd like to think our photo shoot and subsequent payment helped boost Alastair's flagging ego and helped him make the important changes needed for a more fulfilling life.

Live at Last

September 15, 2012 21:48
Back to 2012 when we finally got Alastair Fox in front of a film camera at his batchelor pad.

Styling Alastair

June 27, 2009 10:27
Photographs: Alastair Fox gets into the spirit for his main test shoot.

Alastair Drops By

June 2, 2009 00:00
Photographs: Alastair Fox was a motorbike courier who stopped by our offices...

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