Alfie Briggs

Alfie Briggs is a new model we disovered during the Covid19 lockdown. While his debut shoot is in preparation we are delighted to introduce him through his own personal photographs and to tell you his interesting backstory.

Mr Briggs has been a professional drummer and percussionist for a long as he can remember and he has toured the world performing in bands and creating inspiring workshops for schools and private companies. His dad was in the RAF when Alfie was born which meant being moved around the country a fair bit growing up. This has no doubt prepared him for the instability of being a gigging musician; he is used to being on the move and jumping on a plane at a moment's notice if need be.

Alfie describes a secure and happy childhood that was only afflicted with, as he puts it, raging heterosexuality; meaning that he was preoccupied with girls from a very early age. “I would literally follow the pretty ones around in the playground when I was six... " he tells us, laughing and shaking his head. By thirteen he was trying fumbly sex and at sixteen he finally kicked his V-plates into the long grass. His confidence ballooned immediately and he remembers fondly being sucked-off by a thirty-year-old German lady the same summer while he was away on a family holiday. 

Alfie regrets that he didn’t take more time to play the field but by eighteen his girlfriend was pregnant and he was obliged to settle down and get married. That was many moons ago however, and that relationship is now a distant memory. Fast forward to 2020 and at 53 Alfie has three grown-up kids (his eldest daughter is 34), plus three grandchildren, and what's more he has recently become a father again; he finally has a son.

It is often suggested that drummers are confident show-offs and gigs are all about pulling the best looking women in the audience. Alfie concurs and admits he loves nothing better than fixing his eye on one or two girls while he pounds the drums, leaving them in no doubt as to what he would like to do to them after the show...

On the Road

August 8, 2020 10:39
Photographs: Alfie is even more delicious on our second meeting.

Face to Face

June 6, 2020 13:00
Face to face but two metres apart, we finally meet our lockdown discovery Alfie Briggs.

Alfie's Personal Album

May 2, 2020 12:25
Musician Alfie Briggs takes us on a journey with his own selection of digi-pics....

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