Andy Jones

It's took us nearly two years to get Andy Jones to take the plunge and appear on the site even though it was he who initially contacted us. He still looked rather pensive at his first shoot in central London but we soon realised that Mr Jones is clearly a man who needs to be worshipped and at the age of thirty-nine he couldn't keep his exhibitionism a secret any longer. 

This 39-year-old dad with the warm smile and very kissable lips told us all about his life, then peeled off and erupted in the most spectacular fashion: real fire hydrant stuff – have your umbrellas and sou'westers at the ready!

The desire to pose clearly goes up and down with Andy's sex drive and luckily for us Mr Jones is always horny. We have subsequently managed to catch up with him several times; the meetings are usually short and sweet and offer us a glimpse into the all too familiar needs and desires we all crave as we feel our youth slipping away. And besides, what hardworking dad doesn't need a little extra cash for Christmas and family treats?


Catch-Up with Andy

December 3, 2017 17:57
A short and sweet solo tale of the unexpected for your Sunday night viewing.

Under The Ivy

December 20, 2015 17:01
Dad-next-door Andy Jones takes his exhibitionism another stage further...

Meet Andy Jones

June 14, 2014 11:37
Married dad Andy gives in to his exhibitionist tendencies and takes the plunge....

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