Greg Simons

Handsome Greg is a divorced dad with his own construction company. He fell head over heals in love with Holly ten years ago and together they have carved out a very happy life together that blends domestic cosy bliss with some mind-blowing sexual fantasy fulfillment.

Holly had mentioned that it was her boyfriend who had urged her to become a glamour model and subsquently would often sit quietly in the corner observing her illicit meetings with great relish. Since we love nothing more than a naughty subtle twist we asked Holly if she might like to get her own back on her kinky lover and have us focus on him for an MBFD feature.

While she was very enthusiastic Holly says that when she told Greg of our intentions his eyes rolled and the blood drained from his face; perhaps he always knew that this day might come as he pushed his porn model girlfriend into kinkier situations for his sexual gratification.

 A very nervous Greg finally gave in and we are delighted that this gorgeous couple agreed to share some of their most intimate moments with our viewers. The photos from the original shoot as well as the film have been upscaled to full HD. Check out Greg and Holly in Frank's portfolio too.

The Happy Cuckold

July 8, 2011 10:45
Holly drags her handsome hubby into the limelight with gusto and pride.

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