Jez Blakeborough

With his trendy steely haircut, skinny jeans and general interest in fashion, women often think that 43-year-old Jeremy must a hairdresser and feel quite safe around him. Perhaps it's because Mr Blakeborough has spent his working life in the retail industry and used to close daily contact with a diverse group of women that he can play the gay best friend role so well but after a cup of tea and a natter with the girls it is clear that our Jezza is only interested in one thing: getting them into his bed.

Londoner Jez recently started a new life up North after separating from his wife. The ensuing divorce was amicable but the nicest part he says was discovering how attractive he had become to much younger women as he hit forty and his list of conquest gets longer, not to mention younger – he recently scored with a sixteen-year-old foreign exchange student who he says 'literally threw herself ' at him.

Managing lots of shops – from pharmacy to clothing – has resulted in success with the fairer sex on both sides of the counter and Jez has already regaled us with gloriously un-PC tales of past shop 'lock-ins' and staff parties where the married managers would hit on the teenage Saturday girls. The corny cliche of life beginning at forty is simply the truth for this characterful horny dad who says he has more sex, with younger, better looking girls than his own teenage sons.

A Londoner Up North

January 21, 2012 07:52
Four years on we re-introduce this very confident character and real-life Lothario...

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