Marc Oakley

Marc describes himself as a country bumpkin who married his childhood sweetheart and settled down to family life quite early. Starting out as a mechanic, Marc is now a very skilled engineer, and so happily married that he appears to be wearing a wedding ring on both hands.

Looking back Marc regrets he didn't get his sex life started until he was nineteen and like many dads turning forty feels he is missing out on the debauchery that our porn-fuelled society seems to be offering. He admits he has wanted to be part of the adult industry for so long that he feels he is about to explode. Happily we have now witnessed his first mini explosion  – and we're pleased to announce it almost rivals that of TFE model Andy Lee.

Marc bravely contacted the website late one night after a few ciders and we seized the moment, driving two hours to meet him after work the following day in the gorgeous countryside where he grew up, just managing to capture his audition in the fading sunshine. He is not sure yet how he’s going to break the news of his new part-time job to his mates who he skipped playing sport with this evening to see us – or the missus.


All Work and No Play

November 10, 2018 14:16
Marc takes a break from home decorating to make another solo film for his growing fanbase.

Empty House

July 1, 2018 13:30
New film: While the family's away, it's dad's time to play...

Meet Marc Oakley

September 3, 2016 14:30
There's more to Marc than meets the eye: hang on to his every word – it's interesting.

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