Mark Winter

Mark Winter was thirty-nine when we first photographed him back in 2009. Glamour model India (pictured) had sent us some beautiful photographs from her portfolio with a view to some possible work and we couldn't help noticing the striking man posing alongside her in a few of the pictures. Mark turned out to be India's husband of five years who was helping her get her modelling career off the ground.

Mark says he never dreamed he would be working in the glamour business – sure, when he was young many girls would stroke his thick, almost black, mane of hair and say he could be the proverbial next top model, but good looking working-class lads from the North would have had no access to such industries back in the pre-internet eighties. At sixteen he was working on the railways with his father and then became a hod carrier for the bricklayers on the building sites. His responsibilities as a builder grew until he was directing the enormous cranes that towered over his city.

Mark has an exceptional face for a photographer to work with. Most of us have a slightly different profile (we all know our good and bad sides) but boys with broken noses usually have two extremely distinct looks which is exactly the case with Mark's bashed nose: he can look like an east-end boxer or a refined gentleman/super-hero/villain with just the turn of his head, and we had fun using a bit of old-fashioned Hollywood lighting to bring out the soft and hard side of his amazing physiognomy.

Mark is simply an exceptional specimen of manhood: he has the build, the height, the flawless complexion, the equipment and the nerve to be an adult performer. His trim body puts most British men his age to shame and the only question we had to keep asking was if he had any foreign blood in him at all? "No." came the answer. As their joint portfolio began to expand, so did the work offers, and we wondered if Mark and India's relationship would be able to withstand the inevitable pressure they would be put under from production companies as they strived to make a full time living from their new career.

The Hardcore Life

March 19, 2011 20:45
Mark knocks one out for us in a London hotel while his wife is performing for a Playboy shoot.

India and Mark

August 9, 2009 21:09
An early stills shoot: Mark offers a quick session in the dining room before they head to a wedding.

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