Martin James

Rugger-bugger: a large, often hairy man who plays rugby for some local or regional club, is built like a brick shithouse and after the game retires to the pub with the rest of the team to sing rude songs and tell blue jokes – an urban dictionary defintion that used to sum up our classic model Martin to a tee.

Martin was an ex-pro-rugby player we had been talking to on-and-off about a Full English feature since 2009. We'd enjoyed a few beers with him, taken a few head shots and heard many of his jaw-dropping sexual tales that begun very early on when he played rugby for his school and carried on throughout his young adult life. By the time he was ready to attempt a solo in 2012 he was a fully-formed bear of a dad who was already beginning to settle down to family life and we felt he looked more at home here on MBFD.

According to Mr James, British rugby boys are the most badly behaved and Martin always stood out as a horny risk-taker: he once granted a petite Australian female fan her drunken wish of having anal sex on the touchline of the local rugby pitch under the full glare of the stadium lights. He says he pounded her so hard that the poor girl 'shat herself' but Martin adds he gallantly carried on their sex session regardless – perhaps putting a whole new spin on the term rugger-bugger.

Martin is your typical Yorkshireman in that he speaks in the most straightforward manner that sometimes borders on the downright rude but with such blunt honesty comes a character you can completely trust, and Martin certainly has a heart of gold. He finally quit professional rugby after a recurring knee injury – which has not helped him keep off the extra pounds – and he quit modelling almost immediately too, stating devotion to his wife and fatherly duties as the main obstacle to a part-time career in porn.


February 19, 2012 23:17
Ex-pro-rugby player Martin takes us on a tour of his old stomping ground and attempts a solo in full HD at last...

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