Robbie Ward

Today we are up North in one of England's most impressive cities to meet 42-year-old Robbie Ward who was born and raised here and of course has the most adorable broad accent (non-Brits think Billy Elliot). His city was once a world centre for ship building as was recently celebrated in song by fellow Geordie, Sting.

Robbie married his teenaged sweetheart: the first and only girl he would sleep with until his late twenties when the marriage broke down. Bob was so devastated he signed up immediately for SAS style training. Over the years he has helped the rescue services and says the greatest achievement of his life was cutting free a young motorbiker from under a lorry who the Police had left for dead – he still chats to the lad's mum.

Footie-mad Robbie is a man's man and loves hanging out with his geezer buddies; he admits he doesn't understand how women's minds work and has never quite got over his broken heart. To satisfy his craving for female flesh he has turned to hard swinging and finds fucking other men's wives (with their permission) a convenient and often mind-blowing release. We've already seen him in action and can promise our readers some fun times ahead.

Robbie: Five Years on

November 2, 2019 09:51
It's a joy to catch up with the popular Geordie and he's as easygoing and frank as ever.

Blind Date

May 26, 2014 22:36
Robbie couldn't wait to get stuck into more work so he let us film in his own bedroom.

Meet Robbie

May 3, 2014 23:09
Robbie is a very sexy and easygoing chap with wise and funny comments to be made on most subjects.

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