Ross Davies

This is Ross Davies at home in the spacious comfortable house he shares with his partner and their young offspring. It's a blissfully sunny Bank Holiday weekend, we can hear the kids in the garden squealing as they jump in and out of the paddling pool and we have been discreetly ushered upstairs to their dad's own 'office' for a quick photo-session.

Ross's girlfriend had a hand in organising the shoot; she has recently taken part in a few fetish shoots herself apparently and rather fancied the idea of seeing her lover have some similar attention.

Ross is a bloke's bloke – take a look around his grown-up boy's playroom. His DVD choices range from Billy Connelly to Battlestar Galactica, he is addicted to playing Xbox on his big telly and his hero is Jeremy Clarkson. Halfway through the shoot his mates turned up and cruelly whistled and whooped in the room beneath him to put him off his stride but we managed some nice results with this photo-only session.

Ross did the this one-off shoot in 2011 when we were still just taking photographs – one of the reasons it hasn't been up for five years. Now re-sized and re-graded this set of pics captures nicely an alpha-dad's play den. We spoke to Ross a few years ago and he seemed keen to work with us again, to try something a bit stronger, but then we lost touch.

Meet Ross Davies

November 24, 2011 23:09
Ross's kinky girlfriend put him up for this shoot to the howls of laughter from his band mates.

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