Stephen French

Stephen French had been a part-time model for many years shooting mainly corporate and catalogue work. We had in fact seem some of his commercial pictures in the past and thought what a perfect example of a silver fox he was and how much we'd like to work with him.

It had crossed our minds to contact him but some professional models can be offended if you suggest adult work if they are not advertising it on their agency portfolios and so we had thought better of it. Imagine how surprised we were when his wife Edwina (also a model) contacted us for some erotic work for another website and we found out that the handsome greying model in some of her own photographs was the man we'd seen before: her husband Stephen!

Stephen's silver hair beautifully sets off his pale blue eyes giving him a rather blond Germanic or Scandinavian appearance at times. It's interesting to note however that this kind of steely mane usually develops from black hair and sure enough Stephen was once as brunette as the hairs on his arms and around his crotch.

Although Stephen is very comfortable in front of the camera and has done some tasteful semi-nude work before (he is a keen naturist) his appearance on My Best Friend's Dad was a chance to take his modelling to new levels. Which he did.

Stephen's New Pad

June 17, 2012 07:59
Free again! Stephen French invites us round for Father's Day.

Under the Spotlight

July 12, 2009 14:46
Reader requests: our first studio session with Stephen (shot in 2007) now republished at an HD size.

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