Tom Sutherland

It's taken over a year to get this articulate professional gentleman to finally commit to posing for us, ever since he was recommended by a female admirer  – and regular reader of MBFD.

Having enjoyed a traditional middle-class childhood – think Blue Peter and piano lessons – Mr Sutherland readily admits he could never have imagined himself performing for us but nonetheless he seemed quite happy with the results, and we were just as thrilled to find he really is a natural when it comes to peeling off and letting go.

Tall and lean with the most regal profile we've ever photographed, forty-seven-year-old divorced dad Tom's love life wasn't activated until he was actually twenty-two! He'd started working as an English teacher when he was finally seduced and you'll soon be able to hear this most delightful tale – from the horse's mouth – of how he lost his virginity so late in life.

Now retired from teaching, Tom's consultancy work takes him all over the world – one of the reasons he's remained so elusive – and we can't help thinking he must have been snapped up a long time ago by another adoring lady; something he is keeping very tight-lipped about.

Meet Tom

March 23, 2019 17:54
Introducing straight-laced ex-English teacher Tom Sutherland

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