Tony Da Costa

We received a text message from Tony a few weeks ago with a mug shot and he added "I know one of your models and he gave me your number – I am a 5'9, happy-go-lucky Italian; I have worked in the adult industry in Italy and I used to run a strip club here in England – I'd like to do some work for you." How could anyone resist a message like this? We arranged to meet.

Tony certainly is a very easygoing, smiley and instantly lovable man who has had a very colourful life since he came to England aged seventeen. He started his working life waiting tables, met the woman who would become his wife and has enjoyed becoming a daddy. Post divorce however (this man loves too many different types of women to stay faithful to one) he has carved out a few niche businesses for himself; from restaurants, through security, to perhaps the most fun project: running a strip club.


Tony at Home

August 2, 2013 08:26
Tony very kindly allows our cameras into his new flat for a chat and a solo.

Opening Up

May 7, 2013 19:45
Tony opens the doors of his new club to our readers for a private view.

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