Vincent Wells

We first made contact with Mr Wells five years ago and so it's taken a great deal of patience to get him here. Forty-eight year old Vincent is a curious mixture of exhibitionist and private man. Ex-Navy and obviously very happy in his own company he seems like the classic loner and we still don't know if he is a married man or not. His preference is not to be interviewed on film.

We do know he loves women however and belongs to several swinging groups where a fleeting glance at his tackle can suddenly make him the man of the moment. He didn't lose his virginity until he was twenty and it was another three years before he knew he had something special that women wanted. As it turns out he is very much in demand from hubbies who like to see him satisfiyng their wives too.

Vincent is like so many guys we meet: whether or not posing nude is good for their careers they'll be damned if they don't grab the chance finally to show off and be appreciated by more than a handful of people for a change. This scene was only supposed to be a first-meet coffee (I did bring the camera just in case) but Vincent was keen to get started immediately. The grim pub style hotel room with its ghastly flourescent lit bathroom was all that was available at a moment's notice but added some delightful sleaziness to the final unveling of Mr Wells.

Meet Vincent

January 14, 2018 11:24
We slowly begin to unpeel the layers of ex-Navy man Vincent Wells.

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