Meet Bob

Published October 31, 2020
Updated November 14, 2020
Check out the Prince Albert piercing on our new model dad Bobby.

Reggie's Back

Published September 19, 2020
Updated October 3, 2020
After a three year absence Reggie Lee is back; cheekier and bolder than ever.

On the Road

Published August 8, 2020
Updated August 22, 2020
Alfie is even more delicious in this film of our second meeting.

Kinky Dad

Published August 1, 2020
Kinky Dad Tony tells us what makes him tick after living a very respectable family life.

Meet Ross Davies

Published November 24, 2011
Updated July 4, 2020
Ross's kinky girlfriend put him up for this shoot to the howls of laughter from his band mates.

Live at Last

Published September 15, 2012
Updated June 21, 2020
Back to 2012 when we finally got Alastair Fox in front of a film camera at his batchelor pad.