Five Minutes With Dean

Dean is your classic Norf’ London geezer – and a massive Spurs fan to boot, in fact Dean was a semi-professional football player himself until he was nineteen. After the proverbial knee injury that seems to end so many fledgling footie careers he trained to be an engineer and now loves nothing more than a day watching or playing cricket – every Saturday no less.

Dean may seem an unikely contender for modelling but a good few years back a mischievous work colleague – and kinky photography enthusiast – twisted his arm into posing for her, and for a good while he was hooked on the attention, and in some cases the submission. Today at the age of forty-two he's itching to push the boundaries again – more publicly this time.

As he hits middle-age Dean admits that his hell raising days are over (he doesn't miss the hangovers) but we know there are some great tales form his footballing days that need to be mined in due course.

We arranged to meet Dean for a quick meet/chat in a multi-storey car park close to where he was working; a brief but charming reveal ensued and we now have a fantastic new face for MBFD.

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