Getting to Know You

Forty-something engineer Dean has intrigued a fair number of you since his introduction and we’ve been calling him several times a week ever since to sort out a follow-up solo. His enthusiasm to work with us however hasn't quite been matched with his availability and so out of sheer frustration we decided to go and find him – on the job so to speak – to try pick up from where we last were.

Plan one was to grow back some body hair in the right places, which is coming along nicely. It's slightly unusual for a no-nonsense geezer like Dean to have spent so many years with a totally smooth crotch and his brief explanation is perhaps a first hint at his more colourful tastes – Mr Blackwell may be a dark horse after all.

This shoot felt a bit like spending a day at work with your dad as a kid when you keep asking "When are you going to be finished? When can we go home?" Nevertheless watching Dean going about his daily business in his work gear will be a huge treat for many of our readers. Ever the professional, Dean waits until his lunch break to drop his trousers once again and shows us in more detail what we can expect from his much awaited solo.

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