Meet Danny Dawson

When Danny Dawson was scouring the web last month for model agencies that might be interested in using guys over fifty, it's fair to say he was not looking for nude modelling work at all. And now just a few weeks later after being directed to MBFD, this married father of two is stripping for the nation and is not sure what the family reaction is going to  be – and he's not particularly bothered either.

​Danny is typical of many middle-aged guys we hear from who feel invisible after fifty. The kids are now at university and don't need chaffeuring around anymore; partners are often indifferent to sex and there's always that nagging question hanging over one's head: how different might my life have been if I'd taken that other path? Of course many men seek extra-marital affairs to boost their ego but decent Danny has been faithful for twenty years. What better way then to catch up with lost attention than to be photographed in the buff for an adoring audience?

Danny did actually try a little amateur modelling twenty-five years ago (see his private album) which has clearly exacerbated his feelings of missed opportunities but consequently this has made him jump more readily into modelling for us. We really weren't sure whether he'd be able to go through with a solo and at one point with the camera focused on him sprawled naked on the bed he grinned: "This really is jumping off a cliff isn't it!" but once we'd moved him to the shower (his favourite place for some sneaky self-love) it was clear he was going to hit a home run!

The building trade and property development has kept Danny in great shape over the years. He is lucky to have great bones, blue eyes and a mighty fine set of gnashers and there's a whole lot more to love about Mr Dawson when he's in his birthday suit. This self-confessed grumpy old dad from the Midlands is about to give a few people in his area a nice surprise! 

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