The Other Mister Sloan

Mark Sloan is a face that many of our readers will recognise. He became a staple in many UK and European adult films towards the end of the 1990s alongside the likes of Steve Hooper and Tony De Sergio. Feeling that he'd reached his peak and sensing the decline of the adult DVD industry and the onslaught of films available via the internet, he quit the business to pursue work in mainstream movies.

He is now a qualified movie stuntman and has subsequently appeared in many action films including a few blockbusters. At 51 Mark is now a grandad and was amused that some of our readers wanted to know what he was up to and furthermore if he'd consider returning to make a few extra films with us.

We met up with him in London and although the film is mainly a frank and illuminating interview of how he got started in adult films (who knew he was born in Canada?) Mr Sloan does drop his trousers at the end of the session to show us his amazing physique and that heavy swinging bully that has made him so popular. We'd certainly like to see him make some films with us but what do you, our readers think?

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