Back in the Spotlight

Published January 6, 2013
Updated January 12, 2013
A portfolio portrait session turns into a funny interview and some cheeky posing...

Terry Talk

Published November 11, 2012
Updated December 18, 2012
Get in the back of the van! Terry Ellis is at the ready for a very informal show and tell.

Terry's Personal Gallery

Published November 10, 2012
Terry seems to be smiling a lot more than usual in these pictures from his own album.

Meet Terry Ellis

Published November 9, 2012
Confessions of a plumber's mate? Meet Londoner Terry Ellis.

Frank Moves On: Dirty Talk

Published October 19, 2012
In part two Frank responds to some readers' request to talk utter filth while he pleasures himself.

Frank Moves On

Published October 3, 2012
Updated October 12, 2012
His marriage is finally over and yet Frank can't wait to settle down again with a nice young mum he's met.