Styling Alastair

Published June 27, 2009
Updated May 31, 2020
Photographs: Alastair Fox gets into the spirit for his main test shoot.

Alastair Drops By

Published June 2, 2009
Updated May 23, 2020
Photographs: Alastair Fox was a motorbike courier who stopped by our offices...

Under the Spotlight

Published July 12, 2009
Updated May 15, 2020
Reader requests: our first studio session with Stephen (shot in 2007) now republished at an HD size.

Goodbye Mr Chester

Published September 30, 2010
Updated May 15, 2020
Meet R A Chester, the posh perv in this curio shoot from 2010...

Alfie's Personal Album

Published May 2, 2020
Musician Alfie Briggs takes us on a journey with his own selection of digi-pics....

Back on Site

Published July 8, 2012
Updated April 25, 2020
Two years after our first meet Adam was back on site, now his original film has been remastered from 2012.