Robbie: Five Years on

Published November 2, 2019
Updated November 9, 2019
It's a joy to catch up with the popular Geordie and he's as easygoing and frank as ever.

Sloan: On his own

Published September 7, 2019
New film: Mark Sloan puts on a rare one-man-show for fans old and new.

The Other Mister Sloan

Published August 30, 2019
Film: an interview with veteran adult actor Mark Sloan as requested by some of our readers.

Meeting Mr Ramesh

Published May 31, 2019
Updated June 16, 2019
After ten years of chatting to Suresh, we can finally all have our own Mr Ramesh.

Meet Tom

Published March 23, 2019
Updated March 30, 2019
Introducing straight-laced ex-English teacher Tom Sutherland

Meet Ben

Published February 28, 2019
Updated March 9, 2019
Ex-forces dad Ben has found a new lease of kinky life with his second wife.