Tony's Turn

Published October 4, 2013
Updated January 27, 2017
We make some good use of retired millionaire Tony's spare time and he gives us a copious solo.

Going Solo

Published May 20, 2011
Updated December 17, 2016
Back to 2011 for Phil's first interview and solo for some bold insight into how he got here.

Philip Al Fresco

Published June 5, 2013
Updated December 9, 2016
The ever brave and candid Philip in an HD restored catch-up walk in the woods from 2013.


Published February 19, 2012
Updated November 5, 2016
Ex-pro-rugby player Martin takes us on a tour of his old stomping ground and attempts a solo in full HD at last...

Soldiering On

Published October 4, 2016
Updated October 8, 2016
A low key affair but a nice fix of Frank for the followers who can't seem to get enough of him.

Meet Marc Oakley

Published September 3, 2016
Updated September 10, 2016
There's more to Marc than meets the eye: hang on to his every word – it's interesting.