Getting to Know You

Published October 5, 2018
We travel to meet Dean for lunch in a bid to understand our mysterious new model a little better.

Five Minutes With Dean

Published August 17, 2018
A quick meet in a multi-storey car park and we now have a new face for MBFD...

A Taste of Freedom

Published July 21, 2018
One more visit from Rory Wark as he spends a few days away from the wife and kids.

Empty House

Published July 1, 2018
Updated July 7, 2018
New film: While the family's away, it's dad's time to play...

Five Minutes With Phil

Published March 31, 2018
Phil pulls over in a field for five minutes on his way to a meeting to say hello.

Meet Vincent

Published January 14, 2018
Updated January 28, 2018
We slowly begin to unpeel the layers of ex-Navy man Vincent Wells.