The Drifter

Published October 6, 2017
Updated October 22, 2017
In-depth chat and solo from this philosophical husband and dad.

Rory's Personal Album

Published October 15, 2017
Rory has allowed us a really good rummage through his past photo albums.

Meet Rory Wark

Published October 6, 2017
A few choice anecdotes over a pint of beer for a first impression of our new real-life dad.

Enter Holly Kiss

Published October 19, 2009
Updated July 9, 2017
Photoset from 2009: Andrew was the first of our dads to be broken in by experienced adult model Holly.

Andrew in the Studio

Published December 1, 2009
Updated July 9, 2017
Some early and a few unseen studio photographs of our most famous MBFD dad from 2009.

Tales From the River Bank

Published November 5, 2011
Updated May 29, 2017
Fabian gives us tales from the river bank of the more interesting kind...