Free Again

Published August 27, 2016
Not getting married today: Frank Clayton's path has being dramatically diverted yet again.

Meet Andrew Roberts

Published June 20, 2009
Updated August 7, 2016
Andrew Roberts proves he's no Ned Flanders in what was our very first MBFD feature.

The Happy Cuckold

Published July 8, 2011
Updated June 18, 2016
Holly drags her handsome hubby into the limelight with gusto and pride.

A Londoner Up North

Published January 21, 2012
Updated June 7, 2016
Four years on we re-introduce this very confident character and real-life Lothario...

A Private View

Published July 25, 2014
Updated May 13, 2016
Alan is back by popular request and playing to an audience of one...

Adult Playtime

Published April 9, 2016
Part Two: a sex toy in the post leads to a few revelations about Frank's weekend private playtimes.