Meet Fabian Weirs

Published October 16, 2010
Updated May 23, 2017
Photographs: Meet the wizard-like Fabian Weirs on his wonderful houseboat in an enchanted glen.

Brief Ecounter: Karl

Published May 27, 2012
Updated March 29, 2017
Ex-farmer Karl reveals his remedy for the male mid-life crisis: nudism and exhibitionism

The Hardcore Life

Published March 19, 2011
Updated February 12, 2017
Mark knocks one out for us in a London hotel while his wife is performing for a Playboy shoot.

India and Mark

Published August 9, 2009
Updated February 12, 2017
An early stills shoot: Mark offers a quick session in the dining room before they head to a wedding.

Tony's Turn

Published October 4, 2013
Updated January 27, 2017
We make some good use of retired millionaire Tony's spare time and he gives us a copious solo.

Going Solo

Published May 20, 2011
Updated December 17, 2016
Back to 2011 for Phil's first interview and solo for some bold insight into how he got here.